Dust Free Sanding- This process makes the surface flat, the floorboards as smooth and even as possible and remove the old coatings and dents.


We use the most professional methods of floor restoration to bring out the natural look of your floors. We prepare the floors for resealing or replace all damaged or newly inserted boards with reclaimed boards of the correct age and appearance. Hearths can be removed, new joists inserted and staggered boards relaid.

Gap Filling

Gap filling service depends on the width of the gaps.  Resin mixed with the fine dust from the floor and applied where there are lots of fine gaps. The bigger ones can be filled with reclaimed timber wedges.


Wood floor staining is the process of changing the colour of your floor with the use of specific wood floor dyes.  For this service, we use a range of high quality wood floor staining products with a rich palette of colours to satisfy customer’s individual preferences.



Varnishing and Oiling

Customers can choose from different floor finishes with four layers of top quality lacquer; water-based floor finishes.  Most common wood floor sealer is Lacquer. Our teams are using only water-based products. Lacquers are harder wearing because of the curing process, which produce a hardwearing and durable wood floor surface. Oil is an organic finish that is popular for its natural look and it is easy for maintenance.  Oil finish penetrate the wood pores and protects the wood from moister and the same time allow the wood to breathe. Oils showing much better the grain of the wood. It produces a nice matt or satin finish. We can apply coloured oil.